...l'arte di far ridere...


Scenography “I Clowns”




width 9 meters (about 30 ft),  depth 9 meters minimum (about 30 ft), black backcloth, 4 wings in fabric to hang to the apron, expendables materials (nails, screws, nr. 5 rods ), stair to get down to the stalls.
On the spot, we decide if using wings or not, according to the location. 2 tables in the backstage.
Assembling/Assembly of the scenography: 2 hours.


Wattage 3.000 W, 4 monitor speakers, we can ask how much wattage the theatre generally uses, 6 microphones to be hung on the rods (overhead, as a voice/sound reinforcement). 1 mixer and 2 cd players. One audio technician.


For the backlight 10Par 1000 W
30 PC  1000 W
1 PC 2000 W
4 PC 1000 W for brackets in the stalls, sides and stage
1 followspot with tripod
6 profiles
work light in the backstage for actors' movements
1 Lighting designer
1 followspot operator
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