...l'arte di far ridere...


of Maurizio Scaparro



My first, indirect encounter with the Colombaioni family was at the cinema, when I went to see Fellini's movies ”La Strada, i Clowns, Amarcord, Casanova”. Then I meet them in person. We passed each other many times in the past years. I saw them in the theatre with Dario Fo and in other shows and I was always fascinated by the vitality and creativity in their arts. Therefore, when the director of cultural affairs for the Region of Campania asked me to direct the International Festival of Street Theatre in Casertavecchia, I immediately felt the desire and the need to involve the Colombaioni in this new adventure. “I Clowns” was born from our collaboration, freely inspired by the homonymous Federico Fellini's movie, in which that distinctive love of the great Italian director for the world of the Circus and its characters comes alive again, a love shared also by me and which I feel as mine too. It's a kind of spectacle that eludes/escapes any sort of definition, directed to an audience of all ages, alternating moments of deep poetry with hilarious sketches of high Circus school. It's natural for me to feel close to “I Clowns”, not only for having contributed to their genesis but also because the director is Ferdinando Ceriani, my assistant director and assistant manager for   Compagnia Italiana, of which I'm director. “I Clowns” define “dritti” (sly) people who are part of their artistic world, those who can cross the magic limit of the “barrier” (the Circus ring). I like imagining me as a “Dritto” today.

Maurizio Scaparro

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